Pole Star Fitness is the only one of it's kind that can be found in the Central Valley. A relatively unknown creative place to work on your mind, body, and soul. Also shouldn't be confused with pole dancing, not that there's anything wrong with that. ~Di60Y

A few of the Di60Y guys run the first annual Mud'n Blood Zombie Run. Proceeds went to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

When asked "hey want to come shoot zombies?" how could you say no? Well here is how. Bo tells Serber to lie for him and doesn't show up and Serber sends a text saying "Left town, sorry." So in typical Di60Y fashion only Roger, Greg and The Hieb gear up and head out.

The Fierce Creatures launch of their new album Catacomb Party. 

www.di60y.com presents Oktoberfest 2011. You can all guess what happens to the di60Y crew when they make it out to Oktoberfest. But it's still funny to watch it happen.
Dead in 60 Years @ the big Fresno pillow fight. Full review on www.deadin60years.com Music is Ghost by Strange Vine

The Official music video for Maren Parusel's "Kiss You" This song can be found of their latest release: Artificial Gardens. The video was shot, edited and released by deadin60years.com

www.di60Y.com presents a food review of the Big Fresno Fair.
www.deadin60years.com presents Fresno Tweet up at the zoo! The Di60Y crew make it over to play and feed the animals and watch a show from Fierce Creatures.
www.deadin60years.com presents Strange VIne's song "Ghosts". Footage from Aduie's Olympic. Jan 28th 2011 Fresno CA.
www.deadin60years.com goes to play Dodgeball! at the Fresno Bike Kitchen.
The Di60Y crew become UNDEAD in 60 years at the zombie pub crawl in Fresno's Tower DIstrict. Special "date my friend Bo" makes an appearance and Jesus comes back(again) from the grave. Oct. 23 2010

Circus Et Cetera and NOCO present an amazing experience- A Night of Circus revelry and performances. Aerial dance, unique circus acts, belly dance, bearded ladies, unicycle, juggling, music, magic, fire, oddities, drinking and dancing.

Dead in 60 Years Presents the Taco Truck Throw Down 2013

www.deadin60years.com presents Maren Parusel playing at the Treasury in downtown Fresno CA. In this video we hear unreleased songs such as "Sun Goes Down in Space" from their upcoming album, "Artificial Gardens". Release date is May of 2011.

Religious Appeal puts on a show at Tokyo Gardens for New Years 2013 starring Sahab and featuring Collecto. To find more info about the musicians simply look them up on the internet. Like Dead in 60 Years on Facebook and follow on Twitter.
Clips from the last show ever at The Ranch. Music By: Actress (Vexillarius) Download at: http://actress.bandcamp.com/
Here is a teaser trailer of the most recent Annual RoboRun. Put together by www.deadin60years.com
The Frebby Awards asked us to make a video presenting the category of Action. This is what our brains put together.

Here is the the official music video for Maren Parusel's "Tight Rope Walker" This video was shot and edited by Dead in 60 Years

www.deadin60years.com presents the Rogue Festival Kickoff held at Full Circle Brewery in Fresno CA. Rogue Fest runs March 3rd to the 12th. Go to roguefestival.com for more info.
www.deadin60years.com pr├ęsents Mardi Gras in the Tower District!!! Daniel makes the best out of it and and tries to get plugs from all the lubricated people attending Fat Tuesday. March 6 & 8th 2011 Fresno CA.
www.deadin60years.com goes to Oktoberfest 2010! The DI60Y crew get there fair share of local brewery heaven and go on a quest to find the drunkest guy there. Sep. 26th 2010 Fresno CA, Tower distirct.

Sadly the camera took a kick to the dome and audio went with it. Enjoy!


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