Di60Y 71: Pods of the Future Past

Di60Y 71: Pods of the Future Past

Its a pod from the past. Roger gets lazy and quits posting pods so Greg takes action and edits a pod from Jan 8th 2014. In this weeks episode the guys find black market Six Dollar Burgers, Serb makes Jerky, Greg tells two and a half b.j. stories, Brad tells no stories and Rog and Serb get a year older. No one listens anyway so who cares?

Sorry and enjoy!

Di60Y 64 Fresh and Uncut

So, yeah we know... we are inconstant and we don't deserve you!  Now that thats out of the way GO LISTEN!

In our latest tirades in no particular order...

  1. Roger makes ladies terrified of the guys.
  2. The Dead in 60 Scorned
  3. Bo and Daniel tell stories of times past
  4. How old is too old... for the sexing
  5. Gregs joke death count grows

Thanks for the ears! 


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